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Bible by Candle

By: Deborha Daniele (aka Deda)

Description: Bible by Candle features an open Bible, propped up beside a candlestick. The image has a muted brown palette, with a black background. The Bible sits in the center of the frame on a light brown table, and is open to the middle of the book, where light brown shapes on the pages imply text. A dramatic shadow falls from the book towards the right hand side of the frame, where a short white candle sits beside the Bible in a tall, decorative candlestick.

Tags Used: bibles, candlelight, candlestick, darkness, divine, doctrine, empowerment, enlightenment, holy, illuminate, inspire, law, light, minister, new testament, old testament, open, pastoring, reading, scripture, sermons, study, tables, teachings, theology, truth