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I am the Vine You Are The Branches PowerPoint Sermon

By: Sharefaith

Description: When Jesus talked about His relationship with His disciples, He used an object lesson of striking significance. He described the Jesus/disciple relationship as that of a vine with its branches. What an integral and inseparable connection this is! John 15, in which we find this teaching, is a key text on the importance of abiding in Christ. This PowerPoint sermon template gives you an exciting way to communicate the lesson. The sermon template pictures a grapevine, weighed down with luscious fruit. The theme colors--shades of light green--provide the kind of growth idea that the passage teaches. This PowerPoint pack is a simple yet powerful way to add interest and vibrancy to your teaching.

Tags Used: abide, abide in me, abide in christ, grapes, vines, fruit, growth, prune, abiding, john 15, sermon powerpoint