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Living Dove

By: Alan Dubinsky

Description: Ready to take flight is the Living Dove image. Here, an artist has painted a dove that is so realistic, it looks as though it was just released from captivity and is ready to soar high into the sky. Detailed with accuracies such as an authentic face, feathered wings, and life-like body, this dove is one of the most realistic dove images available and would easily attract a child's attention. While appropriate for all children's materials, this image also works well for Fellowship gatherings, Funeral materials, Marriage announcements and programs, and other church functions which emphasize joy, peace, and the Holy Spirit.

Tags Used: released, set free, victory, weddings, soaring, marriage, landing, holy spirit, ghost, freedom, ceremony, ceremonies, wings, white, peace, flying, doves, birds, fluttering, tail feathers, gliding