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What Is Faith Sermon PowerPoint

By: Sharefaith

Description: Faith is one of the most crucial components in the life of the Christian. Although we as Christians cannot see God, we nonetheless believe that He exists and that He is active in our lives. Faith is more than just a wistful optimism about life. It is the very substance of what a Christian does. It is a gift from God--the unshakable confidence that allows a Christian to navigate life. This PowerPoint sermon template serves to underscore the essential nature of faith. The reverential and aesthetic design of the template gives a meaning and substance to the message that the sermon template communicates. It pictures a stained-glass window graphic with the dove, a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The text is taken from Hebrews 11, an important Bible passage regarding faith.

Tags Used: faith, dove, bird, stained glass, church, faith, hebrews, expect, trust, unseen